Commercialization of next-generation biomaterials

Website Link (Article by Rachel Arthur) The Coca-Cola Company, Changchun Meihe Science & Technology and UPM have announced the first planned commercialization of new tech to create plant-based monoethylene glycol (bMEG): which can replace traditional oil-based MEG in PET bottles. The tech will allow the companies to efficiently convert second-generation biomass to the plant-based bMEG:Continue reading “Commercialization of next-generation biomaterials”

ADM eyes eight emerging trends

Website Link (Article by Eric Schroeder) Plant-based lifestyles, clean and transparent sourcing, and sustainable goodness are among the eight trends ADM sees fueling current and future global growth. Drawing on research from its Outside Voice consumer insights platform, the company’s top trends for 2022 point the way for ADM’s innovation, renovation and development platforms, theContinue reading “ADM eyes eight emerging trends”

Trending plant proteins

Website Link (Article by Jeff Gelski) Surging, emerging and flourishing all could describe the plant protein category. Pea protein continues to increase in popularity and may keep surging for the rest of this decade. Other protein sources, like lupin bean, are emerging, and plant protein sales in general are flourishing. Selecting the appropriate protein sourceContinue reading “Trending plant proteins”

The five post-pandemic consumer trends that are impacting the bakery space

Website Link (Article by Gill Hyslop) COVID-10 has changed the way the world works and in particular, brought forth a seismic change in consumer habits and preferences. This, says Puratos, has implications for all players in the bakery, patisserie and chocolate sectors. Drawing on insights from the company’s Taste Tomorrow platform – which monitors advancedContinue reading “The five post-pandemic consumer trends that are impacting the bakery space”

Designing cleaner meat alternatives

Website Link (Article by Jeff Gelski) The plant-based meat alternative category gushes with sales. Demand for products perceived as clean label remains a steady and strong stream. For the two trends to converge, food companies may seek to eliminate certain chemical-sounding ingredients like methylcellulose and whittle down the ingredient list by finding ways to avoidContinue reading “Designing cleaner meat alternatives”

World’s first waxed vegan cheese wheels launch in Netherlands

Website Link (Article by Ingredientsnetwork) A Netherlands-based cheesemaker called Max&Bien debuted the world’s first vegan cheese wheel coated in paraffin wax to emulate traditional-style Dutch cheeses. This vegan cheese comes in 1.2-kilogram wheels for cheese and delicatessen stores as well as 150-gram mini-wheels. The cheese itself is made from fermented wheat and comes in threeContinue reading “World’s first waxed vegan cheese wheels launch in Netherlands”

Growing Animal-free Scaffolds for Cell-Cultured Meat

Website Link (Article by Camille Bond) It’s one thing to grow an amorphous blob of muscle or fat cells in a bioreactor—and another thing to recreate the structure of animal tissue. In order to make a complex product like a steak or a salmon fillet, cell-cultured meat producers need to provide their stem cells withContinue reading “Growing Animal-free Scaffolds for Cell-Cultured Meat”

Five Reasons Why Tiger Nut Flour Is The Trendiest Alternative Flour

Website Link (Article by Daphne Ewing-Chow) Tiger nut (or chufa nut) flour, which is ground from tubers that grow on the yellow nutsedge plant, is gaining popularity globally as the perfect substitute for wheat flour, given its gluten-free properties, its status as a super food and its natural sweet taste. The flour, which is madeContinue reading “Five Reasons Why Tiger Nut Flour Is The Trendiest Alternative Flour”

Lab-grown proteins begin to impact meat, dairy categories

Website Link (Article by Jeff Gelski) Meat and dairy products in recent years have battled plant-based alternatives for consumer dollars. Now, another competitor looms. “Major disruption is coming to protein ingredients,” said Stephanie Mattucci, associate director, global food science for Mintel. “Clean meat or lab-grown meat is expected to disrupt both the meat industry andContinue reading “Lab-grown proteins begin to impact meat, dairy categories”

Industry insights from NIZO: Making pathogen and spoiler control an integral part of dairy and plant-based product development

All too often, controlling pathogenic and spoilage microbes in a new or reformulated food product comes at the end of the development process. René Floris, NIZO Food Research Division Manager and member of the FoodNavigator expert advisory panel hears from Marjon Wells-Bennik, NIZO’s Principal Scientist Food Safety, to discuss how a more holistic approach fromContinue reading “Industry insights from NIZO: Making pathogen and spoiler control an integral part of dairy and plant-based product development”