Commercialization of next-generation biomaterials

Website Link (Article by Rachel Arthur) The Coca-Cola Company, Changchun Meihe Science & Technology and UPM have announced the first planned commercialization of new tech to create plant-based monoethylene glycol (bMEG): which can replace traditional oil-based MEG in PET bottles. The tech will allow the companies to efficiently convert second-generation biomass to the plant-based bMEG:Continue reading “Commercialization of next-generation biomaterials”

ADM eyes eight emerging trends

Website Link (Article by Eric Schroeder) Plant-based lifestyles, clean and transparent sourcing, and sustainable goodness are among the eight trends ADM sees fueling current and future global growth. Drawing on research from its Outside Voice consumer insights platform, the company’s top trends for 2022 point the way for ADM’s innovation, renovation and development platforms, theContinue reading “ADM eyes eight emerging trends”

What does the future hold for advanced recycling?

Website Link (Article by Hannah Cole) A recent report from RaboResearch suggests that the advanced recycling industry continues to expand, with a high volume of collaborations and projects being announced in 2021, and new players emerging in regions including East Asia. However, criticisms of advanced recycling are also mounting, impacting the outlook of some of theContinue reading “What does the future hold for advanced recycling?”

How packaging influences shopper’s perception of health

Website Link (Article by Nikki Hancocks) New research provides insights into which elements of packaging have the biggest impact on the consumer’s perception of product healthiness, and how the demographics of the consumer will impact these perceptions. Packaging plays a key role in impulse purchases and a key issue for companies developing functional foods is toContinue reading “How packaging influences shopper’s perception of health”

How to avoid the greenwashing trap

Website Link (Article by Oliver Morrison) New reviews on misleading claims in early 2022 will pressure companies to provide concrete evidence of their sustainability credentials in an increasingly green-focused and consumer-led market. What does this new regulation mean for brands? Caroline Greenwell, Partner at Charles Russell Speechlys, a law firm, weighs in. With more shoppersContinue reading “How to avoid the greenwashing trap”

Collection – the foundation for flexible packaging’s circular economy

Website Link (Article by Packagingeurope) Collecting flexible packaging is key for a circular economy because it sources the feedstock for future sustainable products and CEFLEX, an industry-led project, thinks minor adjustments to Europe’s existing waste systems can help send more of these soft plastics where they need to go. Around 26 million tonnes of plastic waste areContinue reading “Collection – the foundation for flexible packaging’s circular economy”

‘Potatoes with purpose’: First carbon neutral spud produced for UK market

Website Link (Article by Flora Southey) Grown using sustainable farming practices and packaged in plastic-free bags, the carbon neutral spuds will be the first of many products to tackle the food industry’s ‘huge impact’ on climate change, hopes Puffin Produce CEO Huw Thomas. Grown by Puffin Produce in Pembrokeshire, Wales, Root Zero potatoes have achievedContinue reading “‘Potatoes with purpose’: First carbon neutral spud produced for UK market”

Controlling Moisture in Foods Using Packaging

Website Link (Article by Claire Koelsch Sand) Moisture content affects food texture, nutrient, and flavor profiles and impacts the quality and safety of food. The reaction rates of lipid oxidation, microbial growth, and browning are altered when food moisture content changes. Moisture loss can result in economic loss too, in foods such as produce thatContinue reading “Controlling Moisture in Foods Using Packaging”

Natural antimicrobials and antioxidants added to polylactic acid packaging films. Part I: Polymer processing techniques

Website Link (Journal by Velásquez et. al.) ABSTRACT Currently, reducing packaging plastic waste and food losses are concerning topics in the food packaging industry. As an alternative for these challenges, antimicrobial and antioxidant materials have been developed by incorporating active agents (AAs) into biodegradable polymers to extend the food shelf life. In this context, developingContinue reading “Natural antimicrobials and antioxidants added to polylactic acid packaging films. Part I: Polymer processing techniques”

Mondi: How to Solve the Materials Puzzle

Website Link (Article by Packagingeurope) The challenge of providing packaging that balances resource efficiency with the lowest possible environmental impact is one that every member of the packaging industry is familiar with. There is no ‘perfect’ solution, but in this exclusive article Mondi Group looks at some of the strategies the industry could be employing to helpContinue reading “Mondi: How to Solve the Materials Puzzle”