Protein Alternatives

An update on the nutritional, functional, sensory characteristics of soy products, and applications of new processing strategies (2021)

A brief review of the science behind the design of healthy and sustainable plant-based foods (2021)

The effect of cooling and rehydration methods in high moisture meat analogs with pulse proteins‐peas, lentils, and faba beans (2021)

Modification of pulse proteins for improved functionality and flavor profile: A comprehensive review (2021)

A randomized crossover trial on the effect of plant-based compared with animal-based meat on trimethylamine-N-oxide and cardiovascular disease risk factors in generally healthy adults: Study With Appetizing Plantfood—Meat Eating Alternative Trial (SWAP-MEAT) (2020)

Plant protein-based alternatives of reconstructed meat: Science, technology, and challenges (2020)

Meat alternatives: an integrative comparison (2019)

Guidance to Choosing the Right Protein

Industry insights from NIZO (P1): The protein transition
Industry insights from NIZO (P2): The latest innovation maintaining protein functionality

Alternative Proteins

1. Plant-based

A metabolomics comparison of plant-based meat and grass-fed meat indicates large nutritional differences despite comparable Nutrition Facts panels (2021)

A brief review of the science behind the design of healthy and sustainable plant-based foods (2021)

Beef versus plant-based analogues: ‘These products should not be viewed as nutritionally interchangeable’ (2021)

Nutritional properties and health aspects of pulses and their use in plant-based yogurt alternatives (2021)

2. Cell cultured meat

Good Food Institute Introduction to cultivated meat


Gelatin‐polysaccharide composite scaffolds for 3D cell culture and tissue engineering: Towards natural therapeutics (2019)


The salmon in this sushi didn’t come from the ocean—it was harvested from a bioreactor (2021)

Avant Meats Has First Public Taste Test of Cultured Fish Maw in Hong Kong (2019)

Cell-Based Seafood: 4 Important Facts Everyone Should Know (2019)

Bringing cultured meat to market: Technical, socio-political, and regulatory challenges in cellular agriculture (2018)


Muscle tissue engineering in fibrous gelatin: implications for meat analogs (2019)


While other startups develop alt-proteins for meat replacement, Nourish Ingredients focuses on fat (2021)


Sensorial and Nutritional Aspects of Cultured Meat in Comparison to Traditional Meat: Much to Be Inferred (2020)

Prospects and challenges for cell-cultured fat as a novel food ingredient (2020)

3. Fermentation


Fungi protein is starting to enter the plant-based meat market

Milk Proteins

Protein Engineering

Recent applications of bio-engineering principles to modulate the functionality of proteins in food systems (2021)

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