Advanced applications of chemo-responsive dyes based odor imaging technology for fast sensing food quality and safety: A review (2021)

Leveling the cost and carbon footprint of circular polymers that are chemically recycled to monomer (2021)

Degradation-by-design: how chemical functionalization enhances the biodegradability and safety of 2D materials (2020)

Closed-loop recycling of plastics enabled by dynamic covalent diketoenamine bonds (2019)


Controlling Moisture in Foods Using Packaging (2021)

Active Packaging

Seaweeds polysaccharides in active food packaging: A review of recent progress (2021)

Antimicrobial-coated films as food packaging: A review (2021)

Electrohydrodynamic processing of natural polymers for active food packaging: A comprehensive review (2021)

Natural antimicrobials and antioxidants added to polylactic acid packaging films. Part I: Polymer processing techniques (2021)



Cosmetic Packaging to Save the Environment: Future Perspectives (2019)


A review of cellulose and its derivatives in biopolymer-based for food packaging application (2021)

A New Era in Engineering Plastics: Compatibility and Perspectives of Sustainable Alipharomatic Poly(ethylene terephthalate)/Poly(ethylene 2,5-furandicarboxylate) Blends (2021)

Optimization of wheat flour by product films: A technological and sustainable approach for bio-based packaging material (2021)


Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFS)
Biodegradable metal-organic framework MIL-88A for triboelectric nanogenerator (2021)

Upcycled Ingredients

Antibacterial films made with persimmon (Diospyros kaki L.), pectin, and glycerol: An experimental design approach (2021)

FDA Regulations

Food Packaging Inks and Coatings: Achieving Safety and Compliance (2003)


An Introduction to Polymers

Interpreting DSC curves

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