Other Licenses & Certifications History


Building Resilience as a Leader
Developing Assertive Leadership
Leadership Foundations
Managing Organizational Change for Managers
Organization Communication

Become a Customer Service Specialist
Building Rapport with Customers
Communicating Across Cultures
Communicating in Times of Change
Communication Tips
Creating Positive Conversations with Challenging Customers
Customer Service Foundations
Customer Service: Call Control Strategies
Customer Service: Handling Abusive Customers
Customer Service: Problem Solving and Troubleshooting
Customer Service: Serving Customers Through Chat and Text
De-Escalating Intense Situations
Developing Adaptability as a Manager
Enhancing Your Productivity
Lead Like a Boss
Leading with Emotional Intelligence
Master In-Demand Professional Soft Skills
Matthew Hoffman: How a Kind Word Can Make the World Better
Project Management: International Projects
Recharge Your Energy for Peak Performance
Soft Skills for Sales Professionals
The Key to Good Communication: Your Audience

Applied Curiosity
Balancing Multiple Roles as a Leader
Banish Your Inner Critic to Unleash Creativity
Building Resilience
Communicating with Confidence
Communication Foundations
Converting Face-to-Face Training into Digital Learning
Creative Collaboration
Critical Thinking for Better Judgment and Decision-Making
Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
Embracing Unexpected Change
High-Stakes Communication
Improving Your Thinking
Instructional Design Essentials: Models of ID
Leadership: Practical Skills
Leading with Applied Improv
Leading with Kindness and Strength
Managing Project Stakeholders
Measuring Learning Effectiveness
Microsoft Project Quick Tips
Mindfulness Practices
Persuading Others
Project Management Foundations: Budgets
Project Management Foundations: Communication
Project Management Foundations: Ethics
Project Management Foundations: Requirements
Project Management Foundations: Risk
Project Management Foundations: Schedules
Project Management Foundations: Teams
Teamwork Foundations
Transformational Leadership
Why Trust Matters with Rachel Botsman
Writing in Plain Language

Coaching and Developing Employees
Creating Your Personal Brand
Creating a High Performance Culture
Effective Listening
Enhancing Resilience
Financial Accounting Part 1
Finding Your Time Management Style
Fred Kofman on Making Commitments
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Leading without Formal Authority
Managing High Potentials
Performance Management: Conducting Performance Reviews
Persuasive Coaching
Project Management Foundations
Body Language for Leaders
Creating Personal Connections
Project Management Foundations: Integration

Strategic Thinking
The Six Morning Habits of High Performers
The Top 10 Project Management Mistakes—and How to Avoid Them
Transitioning from Manager to Leader

Coursera (audited)

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