Future Space Technologies

Time and influence of gravity & speed on it

  1. Time is not the same everywhere, because it depends on gravity and speed.
  2. In the case of a sun or a planet, time fluctuates depending on its size and distance from the centre of gravity.
  3. This means that the further time is measured from the gravitational centre, the faster it becomes as it slows down, but the closer it is to the gravitational centre.
  4. With moons, planets and suns etc. this concerns per year however only millionth seconds.
  5. This means that near the gravitational centre of a sun or planet, etc., the time flow is slowest, while it becomes faster on the sun or planet surface, etc., as well as on mountains and in space.
  6. In this respect, this is dependent on the size and mass of a body and thus on its gravitation.
  7. So the more massive a celestial body is, the slower the time is, consequently it loses itself in extremely low values and even in the standstill of time with a dark giant structure or with a massive object, which tears suns, planets, other world space objects, gases and all kinds of matter into itself by its force of attraction and thereby becomes more and more powerful and massive and finally completely cancels the flow of time.
  8. The enormous masses of such dark giant formations, which even tear entire galaxies into themselves and into which they cannot penetrate, but which can radiate externally through torn suns and galaxies etc. as bright spherical formations, exhibit such an enormous attraction, which is so extremely strong that no matter and no light signal can penetrate from this space area to the outside and also no time can exist.
  9. Time exists only there, where solid space-structures, like evenly suns, planets and other structures are, as these are given evenly in galaxies or outside these as world space wanderers.
  10. So time only exists where there are gravitational forces.
  11. Where however no gravity exists, there is also no time, but only endless duration and thus timelessness.
  12. The world space is also traversed by dark and mighty world space wanderers with great gravitational force, through which time streams are created, so that those who travel the world space can get into such time streams, although we are protected against their effects.
  13. This is because our spacecrafts have their own gravitations and are therefore protected against external time influences – as well as against matter and radiation.
  14. And we are also protected by our gravitational technique against the effects of speed, so that time does not slow down for us in the spacecraft when we move through space at very high speed.
  15. And in order to compensate for the flow of time outside the spacecraft, which is caused by high speeds, we have a special technique of time travel, which allows us on the one hand to remain in the so-called normal time despite high speeds, but on the other hand also to travel into the past and future.
  16. Concerning Earth, the present on Earth’s surface, according to earthly time determination, lasts exactly 2.67778 seconds and is placed between the past and the future, whereby this present time is to be calculated according to the period of time during which the human brain is normally able to bring about a conscious concentration with regard to a matter.
  17. However, this concentration build-up time changes, depending on the mental development of Earth people, as well as the amount of time changes depending on the invasion of world space material on Earth, whereby Earth also changes its gravitational strength over time.
  18. The collision with meteorites and fine space material makes Earth heavier every year, by thousands of tons.
  19. So in this way Earth increases in mass every year, whereby by far the largest part of it is dust-fine and too small to burn up with corresponding speed in the atmosphere, consequently the fine particles sink slowly to Earth and cannot be observed, just like shooting stars and bigger or big meteorites.

Black Holes

“Black holes are there for “universal recycling”. Black holes are the beginning and end of galaxies, suns, planets, etc. They are an important factor in the cycle of becoming, growing and passing away.”

Hyperspace Travel (Theory)

Step 1
As the first process is a dematerialisation initiated through which the tangible coarse matter body, resp. a spaceship with crew and everything inside, dematerializes at the point of departure, resp. starting point. That means that the ship and everything within it is disassembled in its atomic or subatomic components, which is to say, it becomes disintegrated. What differently explained means that everything in it is converted into subtle matter and therefore into pure energy.

Step 2
This energy form of existence, resulting from the dematerialisation, is best suitable for this type of transport, because the fine material condition of the whole, form some kind of an energy packet, which in the fraction of a second, rushes from the point of origin to the final destination. By this process, the energy packet remains as an independent and compact unit without mixing with the energies of the surrounding space. Through this form of transportation occur no hindrances on the transit route, because hyperspace is free of any obstructing and dangerous things. In particular when crossing over from one very remote location to another, or from one dimension to another, is as a rule one of the spaces overriding the normal space, simply a so-called hyperspace, used as the way of transit.

Step 3
By the re-materialisation, which takes place at the point of destination, is the original aggregate state lightning-fast rebuilt namely by the way that the energy packet, which has arrived at destination, again converts back to the physical shape it occupied before the dematerialisation.The entire process of a de- and re-materialisation passes by incredible fast, therefore practically no loss of time occur during the two processes. There are also no obstructions and dangers with this because the dematerialized energies are such that they without restraint pass through any matter, both through concrete, steel or lead walls as well as through planets and suns. As such, when travelling by this mode of transportation, also stars comets meteorites and planets situated in the flight path of the energy packet in normal space form no obstacle or danger.

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