Food Technologies

August 21
Banana plant as a source of valuable antimicrobial compounds and its current applications in the food sector
Bovine colostrum sales set to soar amongst sports nutrition boom
Utilizing AI software for next generation of inspection, starting with baking
Study reveals the multifaceted benefits of prebiotic snacks fortified with sustainable sources of fibre
Novel extrusion technology process that promises thicker, more realistic cuts of plant-based protein
Bacteria: a tasty solution to the plastic problem?
EU approves stevia produced via enzymatic conversion
The new label we need on produce: ‘smart-farmed’
Crunching the challenges in high-protein drinking yogurt
Industry insights from NIZO: Making pathogen and spoiler control an integral part of dairy and plant-based product development
Removing the forever chemicals from packaging
Metal oxide nanoparticles for safe active and intelligent food packaging

July 21
While other startups develop alt-proteins for meat replacement, Nourish Ingredients focuses on fat
This Styrofoam-like packaging is made of popcorn, not plastic.
Cultivated meat was once a vision. Now it’s becoming a reality
How mussels may help solve the microplastics problem
Food-waste valorization: opportunities and cautions
Utilization of eggshell waste in calcium-fortified foods and other industrial applications: A review
Clinically Tested & Clean Label Turmeric for Beverages
The science of plant-based foods: Constructing next-generation meat, fish, milk, and egg analogs
Scientists hail cholesterol-lowering vegetable fat discovery
First of its kind anti- pathogenic packaging
First vegan-certified Grand Cru single origin ‘milk’ chocolate from Madagascar
Food and Water Safety Technologies Gone Viral
Innovating growth media for ‘cost-competitive’ cultivated meat: ‘We want to see products competing with conventional meat in supermarkets by 2027’
A closer look at ICP’s corrugated cardboard box made from tomato stems
Industry insights from NIZO: Using fermentation to build flavour, health benefits, and shelf-life into dairy and plant-based foods
Nutritional properties and health aspects of pulses and their use in plant-based yogurt alternatives
Packaging made from crop waste allows companies to move towards ‘genuinely sustainable’ innovation

June 21
Grass replaces plastic in take-away food packaging
Growing Crops in Saltwater
Novel Bioprinting method for 3D printing cultured meat
Advanced safety testing and analysis supports the development of clean label grain-based innovation
Layered fermentation: Muri draws on kvass and kombucha to create a complex wine alternative
Bacteria-killer found in fermented meat snack set to tackle twin problems of food preservation and waste
The Latest ‘Natural Fiber’ Bakery Industry Trend: A Close up on Chia Flour
Potential of ‘Dried Miracle Berries’ in sugar reduction
Ingredients for Stressing Less, Sleeping Better
Fiber-Based Sugar Launches in the U.S.
Growing food from air ‘more efficient’ than growing crops
Coffee compounds linked to reduced chronic liver disease risk
Beyond sweetness: The functionality of formulating with honey
Stone Fruit Pits Upcycled Into Oils and Alternative Dairy Products

May 21
Packaging Expands Fresh Produce Access
What Are Postbiotics?
Industry insights from NIZO (P3): Improving the sensory experiences of plant proteins
Beetroot juice benefits brain and heart through oral microbiome modulation
Solving for Sugar Reduction
Hyperspectral imaging can see inside fruit, so we know exactly when it will be ripe
Fermentation cultures bubble to the top of plant-based dairy
How to use moisture sorption isotherms in food
What’s The Difference Between Prebiotics And Probiotics?
The versatility of fruit in today’s snacking realm
Ancient Grains: The crossroads of culture, health, and sustainability

April 21
The salmon in this sushi didn’t come from the ocean—it was harvested from a bioreactor
COL101: How to Measure the Color of Food
Infinitely Recyclable Plastic – PDK poly(diketoenamine)
Pressurized CO2 tech makes perishable food last months without refrigeration
Fungi protein is starting to enter the plant-based meat market
5 Tips for Product Development with Chocolate and Fruit
Microbial Innovation Trends – Patents Review
Industry insights from NIZO (P2): The latest innovation maintaining protein functionality
The Twin Tyrannies of Food Production: Arable Land & Freshwater
Increasing the shelf-life with innovative MOF packaging
The promise of super algae Galdiera – from volcanic springs to your plate

March 21
Soft plastic food wrapper made with recycled content
Using sound waves to create healthy snack
UV tech for safe and sustainable pasteurization
Natural sticker to make fruit last longer, in an effort to reduce food waste
Water Hardness
AI for accurate predictions of consumer perception and preference
Novel technology for produce wash
Sustainability with innovation

February 21
What’s playing in the world of sugar reduction?
Israeli startup scaling sugar-reduction technology

January 21 (& before)
Q&A on Electro- Chemical-Activation (ECA) technology (Electrolyzed Water)
20 New Sustainable Packaging Innovations
Looking Forward: The top 3 FoodTech Trends to Spot in 2020
Enzymatic Browning: Advancements in the Food Industry
‘World’s first’ digital sandwich: How next-gen tech is tracing every ingredient in, and between, the bread
Spent Grains: Beer Waste to Pancakes
Agro-waste: A potential source of natural colorants (Link)
A new approach to reducing salt while maintaining taste

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