These changes to our food systems could improve human and planetary health

“The challenges facing us are wide-ranging. The way the world produces and consumes food causes huge environmental impacts, and yet 3 billion people worldwide are unable to afford a healthy diet, and up to a third of the food we produce is wasted. What’s more, hunger and micronutrient deficiencies are concentrated among the poorest andContinue reading “These changes to our food systems could improve human and planetary health”

Spent Grains: Beer Waste to Pancakes

“What do pancakes, mushrooms, and biofuel have in common? This may seem like a setup to a bad joke but actually they can all be produced by using a waste product of the brewing industry. You may have already seen some products from smaller companies advertising spent grains in lower carb or high fiber bakingContinue reading “Spent Grains: Beer Waste to Pancakes”

Understanding Electrolyzed Water

“Electro- Chemical-Activation (ECA) technology converts tap water into a disinfectant known as hypochlorous acid which has been proven to be 80% more powerful at 50 ppm than chlorine bleach at 200 ppm, yet it is harmless to the environment and people. ECA-technology simultaneously produces a second stream of water in the form of sodium hydroxideContinue reading “Understanding Electrolyzed Water”

What’s the Difference Between Baking Soda and Baking Powder?

“Both baking powder and baking soda cause batters to rise when baked. But that doesn’t mean they can be used interchangeably. For novice and experienced bakers alike, there’s a mystery lurking amongst their cookie ingredients: What’s the difference between baking powder and baking soda? It’s a question people often submit to the King Arthur Baking Company Baker’s Hotline,Continue reading “What’s the Difference Between Baking Soda and Baking Powder?”

Cocoa fruit juice: The next big beverage ingredient?

“Cocoa fruit juice has a refreshingly sweet and sour flavour with tropical notes of lychee and peach, making it ideal for premium-positioned drinks, says Ghanaian-Swiss supplier Koa. The beans that are used to make chocolate account for just one-quarter of the entire cocoa pod, and the juicy white pulp surrounding the beans (which also makesContinue reading “Cocoa fruit juice: The next big beverage ingredient?”

Innovation in food trends for 2021

“Influenced by feelings of stress and anxiety, shifting priorities caused by the ongoing pandemic, and changes in social connectivity, consumers are taking a more holistic and proactive approach to health and wellness. Based on a compilation of seven research reports by ADM and findings from its proprietary OutsideVoice consumer insights platform, the report highlights howContinue reading “Innovation in food trends for 2021”

Myths & Truths about Texture in Bakery (TAURA)

“Innovation in bakery is driven by consumer interest in more nutritious and ‘clean’ versions of bakery products without compromising appealing sensory attributes. How can fruit inclusions come up to the challenging expectations from consumers? Tips for creating bakery products that are surprisingly indulgent and healthy are below. Topics Bringing soft mini fruit spots in thinContinue reading “Myths & Truths about Texture in Bakery (TAURA)”

Making sense of sensory

“Reactions to the characteristics of food, as they are perceived by the five human senses of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing, are scientifically measured, analyzed and interpreted in a process known as sensory evaluation. Now, in a fluctuating food and drink market, with a myriad of challenges to which manufacture need to respond, includingContinue reading “Making sense of sensory”

20 New Sustainable Packaging Innovations

“Packaging consultancy shares 20 new sustainable packages and technologies that reflect broader industry trends, including compostability/biodegradability, reusability, and recyclability, among others. With live events verboten, packaging innovation consultancy ThePackHub  took to the (computer) screen in May for a Sustainable Packaging Review webinar that provided “a whistle-stop tour of the latest initiatives.” Hosted by Paul Jenkins, Managing Director ofContinue reading “20 New Sustainable Packaging Innovations”

Climate change is making our food less safe

This article talks about climate change putting food safety at risk and the need for action to prepare the food system for the challenges ahead. UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) investigate to see if there is a connection between climate change and food safety. Topics Climate impacts and heightened risk Unprepared supply chains andContinue reading “Climate change is making our food less safe”