Food Trends

August 21
Fermented Foods: Japan’s Secret to Good Health?
How precision fermentation and cellular agriculture can help reduce emissions 90% by 2035
As the Ghost Kitchen Industry Matures, Here Are 5 Trends to Watch
What can food companies learn about sustainability from Indigenous Peoples’ food systems?
Parents seek immunity-boosting, budget-friendly & convenient foods for kids heading back to school
‘Exciting, flavourful and adventurous’: Latin American flavours are on-trend in the US
Sunflower protein has significant prospects in Africa
Buzzing on sustainability: Half of all coffee launches carry ethical or environmental claim
Electrohydrodynamic processing of natural polymers for active food packaging: A comprehensive review
Lab-grown proteins begin to impact meat, dairy categories

July 21
3 Ways to flip innovation in bakery
Playing Defense: Emerging Immune Health Ingredients
The growth of Alternative Protein Industry
Packaging Trend Focus: A look at the 2021 refill landscape
The key bread trends for 2021 and beyond
Schools Around The World Are Racing to Create Future Food Curriculum
Animal-free dairy cheese appeals to over half of global consumers
Beyond immunity: What ‘superpowers’ do today’s consumers want from their beverages?
Can food systems really get to ‘net zero?’
Eating foods high in flavonoids could slow down cognitive decline

June 21
Allergen testing with a smartphone: ‘The self-test makes chemical analysis accessible to everyone’
Insect protein as beneficial as milk protein
The state of natural and organic
Address food safety gaps to improve trust in plant-based meat
The 10 Best Dog Foods
Burger made from regenerative kelp
Ingredients help grain-based foods transform into ‘keto friendly’
Exploring the possibilities of seed-based innovation

May 21
Zero-proof drinks movement spurs botanicals usage
What U.S. consumers want in alternative seafood products
Food As Medicine Becomes a Priority for Shoppers
Ancient grains tap into at-home breakfast trends
Mediterranean diet may prevent memory loss and dementia, study finds
Fermentation cultures bubble to the top of plant-based dairy
Navigating the Caffeine Shortage – Opportunity From Adversity
Cultivated meat ‘likely to be widely accepted by the general public, especially the younger generations’, claims start-up after study
The trends that will shape the industry in 2022 and beyond
Why go clean label in the baking industry?

April 21
McCormick flavor forecast focuses on four trends
Packed non-alcoholic beverages: Ingredients, production, trends and future opportunities for functional product development review
How Do Scientists Build The Best Diet For Astronauts?
Is Brown Meat Bad?
Is a brown egg healthier than a white one?
Health and Wellbeing driving Innovation in Food Trends
Is Plant Protein Better for You and the Planet?
Is Coffee Good for You or Not?
Top 10 Food Trends of 2021
Whey’s role in healthy aging
Dietary Fats: The Role Of Omega-9, Omega-6, And Omega-3 Fatty Acids

March 21
Multi-collagen Snack Bar
Plastics, pollution, food safety and waste
Increased consumer awareness for Functional Beverages
No- and Low-Alcohol Beverages
Choosing the right plant-based protein

February 21
Towards a future with bioplastics
Challenges & Trends of Food Industry
A Greater than Zero Effort for Food Waste
Frozen food remains a hot commodity as pandemic endures

January 21 (& before)
Interview on ProSweets 2021 with Bianca Schneider-Häder, DLG Food Centre
Antimicrobial Packaging on the Rise Again
Understanding Butter vs. Margarine Controversy
EFSA says mealworms safe for human consumption: ‘An important milestone towards commercialisation’
Health & Wellness in everyday snack food in the post-Covid era
Chickpeas poised to be top ingredient for 2021
How to eat well in 2021
25 Best High-Fiber Snacks to Buy That Keep You Full
Nearly 200 companies pledge to halve food waste by 2030
Look after your gut and your gut will look after you
E-commerce emerges as trend of the year
The Science Behind the Perfect Cutout Cookie
Food Safety At Christmas: A Quick Guide
What’s inside natural flavors?
Five Major Trends That Will Impact the Food Industry in 2020
These changes to our food systems could improve human and planetary health
What’s the Difference Between Baking Soda and Baking Powder?
Cocoa fruit juice: The next big beverage ingredient?
ADM shares top 5 food trends for 2021: ‘It’s going to be a year of innovation, marked by significant breakthroughs in nutrition’
Myths & Truths about Texture in Bakery
Making sense of sensory
Texture & Chocolate
The Top 10 Functional Food Trends
Trends in Snacks: Healthy? Yes. Flavorful? Absolutely

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